The Skinny Journey
The Skinny Journey
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maiafosterbeauty queen in tears
I’ve been away!

I’ve been so busy with everything that I’ve neglected my followers! Few though you may be but I have great news. I started this journey at 205 pounds at a height of 5 ft 10 inches.

am now 188 pounds! Whoo hoo! 17 pounds and I feel so amazing. My ultimate goal is between 150-165 but I’ll see how I feel when I get there. I’m so happy that all my friends are noticing, my clothes are getting bigger, I feel healthier.

I should also point out that it’s been 17 weeks since I started! One pound per week! I know it seems like a little but I been down the yo-yo weight loss before with 4 pounds this week and gain 3 the next, so I did a variety of workouts to really maintain a slow and low, consistent weight loss. I’m just so excited and by december, I should be rid of about 16 more pounds at least.

Never give up! If I can do it you can! Some days I sit on a chair turn on a youtube vid ans exercise. Just move

Not a workout until the sweat hits the floor!

Last night I did hip hop abs! This morning I did Workout with Gilad! Awesome.


I’m back and my overall weight loss to date is 16 pounds! YES! So happy. Gonna keep you guys updated and inspired and I’m taking pics.



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blondebabybeastBlondes Do It Better
Take a Hike!

School started. Falling off the wagon. :(

Motivation Monday?

So I weighed and I am now 203.0 down from 205.6 so that’s 2.6 pounds but that means I only lost .2 pounds this past week. Ugh. I really didn’t exercise. Any interesting exercises that anyone knows?